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12 x Table Worksheets

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Learning (or attempting to learn) times tables is one of the few things that most people remember from their early mathematics schooling. Until 20 or 30 years ago times tables were memorised, chanted, and tested repeatedly until they finally stuck in the mind. Teachers now make learning times tables a lot more fun, and there are many excellent times tables games online to help children practice without getting bored.

At the end of the day, there are only 12x12 maths facts to learn, and once you discount the easy facts - e.g. 1x, 10x, most of 11x, and since AxB equals BxA there are really not that many facts left which remain troublesome for long. By the end of year 5 (age 9) children should have the times tables up to 12 well and truly stuck in their minds.

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The key to success is regular drilling and worksheet testing to help identify which facts need extra practice. For drilling, click here to try our new free
Online Times Tables Trainer - perfect for kids to learn and practice their times tables independently; and a detailed results record is generated to help them and parents and teachers see exactly how they are getting on.

If you want to generate bespoke PDF printable times table tests automatically click here for our free Printable PDF Times Table Quiz Generator. Select the times tables to test (including division / inverse times tables), choose the number of questions, and press the button for a print ready high quality times table test.

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Click here for our 12 times table division worksheets. Remember, it is very important to learn division times tables at the same time as multiplication times tables for better learning and understanding.

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